5 Ingredient Apple Dessert

Hi Simply Bakers! I’m sharing with you a slightly healthy recipe because it has fruit. It is delicious and so simple to make, the 5 Ingredient Apple Dessert!

5 Ingredient Apple Dessert


It requires very few ingredients: apples, cinnamon, sugar, caramel and dark chocolate chips. So this makes four personal servings.


5 ingredient apple dessert 1


All you have to do is cut the apples in half and then you’re going to core it, you can use a spoon like what I did but if you have like an apple corer, go ahead and use that.


5 ingredient apple dessert 2


Add some chocolate chip and the caramel. Now you could add much more if you want the sweeter side but I found that the measurements I left for you guys it’s just right.


5 ingredient apple dessert 3


Then you’re going to transfer this onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or baking mat and then you’re just going to pop it in the oven.


5 ingredient apple dessert 4


I garnished it with a little bit of my chocolate chip because we can never have enough 😀

It’s a Super-Duper easy recipe you can make at home.

This is me, Lainey, enjoying the perfect combination of the chocolate and caramel just really feels like a party in my mouth.


5 ingredient apple dessert 6


Here’s an up-close shot of the Apple Dessert.


5 ingredient apple dessert 5


When baking fruit it just brings out even more sweetness and will bring the fruit’s flavor to a new level of deliciousness.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, Simply Bakers!

And don’t forget to share your photos if ever your very own 5 Ingredient Apple Dessert 🙂


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