About Me

Hi my name is Lainey! Welcome to my blog!

I created this blog to store all my recipes and keep me organized.  You will also find random blurbs about my interests, family, being frugal, basically anything about my life.  Why? Because I find it’s so much easier for me to write than talk.

You may have found me through my YouTube baking channel where I post videos twice a week, so welcome to my blog my fellow YouTubers.

I am twenty-something and working hard to finish school.  I come from a family of six and currently have two dogs who are a handful (but I love them)!  In the next two years, I want to travel the world and eat lots of bread!



What kind of camera do you use to film and photograph and what editing software do you use?

I shoot with a Canon T4i, the lens I use to film is the Canon 50mm and Canon 35mm and to photograph I use the Canon macro 100 mm lens.  To edit my videos, I use Final Cut Pro X and to edit pictures I use Pixelmator.

Where do you live?

I live in sunny southern California where the sun shines pretty much everyday of the year.  The food is amazing in the Los Angeles area, so in between breaks from school I spend my weeks eating the AWESOME food.

What nationality are you? 

I am a Filipino girl who grew up in the states, but have the taste buds of a Filipino girl in the Philippines.  I became vegetarian years ago which made it a challenge to eat Filipino foods, since most of it consists of meat. But I was up to a challenge and figured out how to make tasty plant based filipino foods.

What is your favorite cookie? 

My favorite cookie is white chocolate cranberry pecan cookies.  I only discovered this cookie three years ago, when I was baking with my sister and her friend and I fell in love with these cookies.  The nuts and cranberries give such a unique taste and the white chocolate balances out the sweetness.


I’ve always wanted to start a baking blog and I finally did it! Join me in my adventures in the kitchen baking, cooking, and filming for my YouTube channel.  Please know that I am incredibly grateful for any time that you spend on Simply Bakings, sharing your comments, thoughts,  and I hope you got to know me better and I hope to get to know you!  Leave a comment and tell me about yourself.



  1. Love the blog, Lainey! Welcome to the blogosphere–so glad that we met, I’m happy to call you a friend =)

  2. I really love your blog! I am a beginner at baking and I am trying to get new skills and recipes that I can do. I have some limitations though since I’m still a child and afraid of some things in the kitchen but I know I will get better!

  3. Hey! I love baking but I really am terrible at it but your recipes are so great and I was wondering, could you make triple or double chocolate cookies? :3 love ya xoxo

    • Hi Carrae,
      I was terrible at baking too, lol, but I kept on practicing! Keep trying! 😀 Also, I will put that on the list to try!

  4. Summer Black says:

    Hey Lainey!
    I love all your videos, and I just want to thank you for getting my little brother into baking! He loves it now! Every time we go to the store, he says, “do t forget the all purpose flour!” We recently made peanut butter cookies which were totally scrumptious! Thank you soooo much! We appreciate you! 🙂

    • Hi Summer,

      Thank you, I’m so glad he enjoys baking! Oh that’s so cute!! I appreciate the kind words and please post your creations on my fb or tag me on IG, I would love to see it! 🙂

  5. Hi ^~^I really enjoyed your video ,I watched all of it and even try to make some of it and it taste so great 😀 I live in Singapore which is like summer for 365 days it’s so hot here 🙁 But well ,Thnks for your channel that I can make many delicious cookie etc 🙂 Thank You

    • Hi Phobe, thank you so much for stopping by! Oh wow, I believe you! Whenever I visited the Philippines, all I wanted to do was relax and not bake because it was too hot! What’s your favorite video?

  6. loretta ampomah says:

    i think u should do another giveaway

  7. Hello! I’m so glad I found your blog. I found you on YouTube while searching a recipe for quick pandesal and I am mesmerized by your sweet voice! So glad you’re a fellow Filipina. I could learn a lot from your cooking especially the baked stuff.

    • Hi Mia, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment! I just breifly checked out your blog and can’t wait to spend some time on it!

  8. Hi Lainey,

    I’m looking for a dessert recipe and videos when I bumped into your Mint thin video. It looks good and I would like to try it one of these days…You do it so well that I became so curious to look for your website…and you have a lot to offer (though I can find the recipe for mint thin). ^_^ I love your site..its pretty and really define your name…simple. Thanks for sharing your recipes and your talent. Love to try some of your recipes as well. More recipes to come 😉 Godbless

    • Hi Caiel, Thank you! I’m so happy you stopped by and left me a comment! I don’t have a thin min video/recipe, one of my friends on YouTube, KawaiiSweetWorld has an amazing recipe! 🙂 Let me know which recipes you try, and send me picture!

  9. Hi Lainey!
    I love your recipes and you amazing video editing skills. What camera and lens do you use? What is software do you use to edit?

  10. Yana Cuizon says:

    You are awesome. This blog is so helpful, i just love your recipes 😀

  11. OMG!!!!!!!your baked goods are awesome I try like every one and they are SO GOOD but I cant find a way to get in touch can u please help me???????????????????????and how do leave comments on your youtube channle???if i could i would leave a good comment on each one!!!!

  12. WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN ADD YOU ON PINTREST???????????????????????????????????????

  13. Wonderfully presented blog! So happy to have come across it 🙂

  14. Shafia Nur says:


    • Hi Shafia, Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the kind words and I will definitely put that on the list to try. 🙂

  15. Hi Lainey!! I really love your blog and your youtube channel though I Just discovered them few days ago. It’s always helpful to have no baking recipes so well explained. I’m gonna give some of your recipes a try 🙂 thanks from barcelonaaa

    • HI Silvia, Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you really enjoy my blog and YouTube channel. 🙂 Please let me know if you do try it and send me pictures on my IG or FB. 🙂

  16. Hello 🙂 Just wanted to tell you that your videos and posts are as AMAZING as you are.Thank you for sharing those easy recipes and working so hard for your readers/viewers.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words and I really hope you continue enjoying my recipes! 🙂 xx

  17. Hi Lainey,
    I’ve been a devoted subscriber to your YouTube channel for quite some time now. I love trying out all your awesome recipes. And I literally count down the days until the next Cookie Monday. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. As a fellow baker, I truly appreciate you.

    • Hi Lydia! I am so honored and touched by your sweet message! It’s really because of you guys that I love doing this! I enjoy baking as it is, but people like you Lydia who share the joy of baking is truly a friendship that can never end for me! Continue to bake and learn! Please share or tag me on FB when you do make anything! <3 <3 😉

  18. I came here through your youtube channel which I am subscribed to so I can write down your recipes. I love how you make your videos, so clear and I can understand everything completely. More power to you! Fellow Filipina here 🙂

    • Hi Aaliyah! Thank you so much for always watching and supporting! I really love to hear when you guys make my recipes! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I am super glad that it’s easy for all of you to understand what I’m saying! To make baking simple, delicious and fun for you is a goal for me! 😉 <3 YAY to Filipina's! <3

  19. You’re a Filipina!! That’s great… So am I! Love your cheesecake recipes. They’re simple yet
    delicious. You’re an inspiration! 🙂

    • Hehehe, YES Hope I am Filipina! I love your name btw! You guys are inspiration for me! I hope you hare having an awesome day!

  20. I am a 43 year old man and I recently have been preparing for economic collapse because our government is setting us up for failure. So I have been preparing with foods such as flour etc and I came across your baking videos and I must say, I love them and I am already using them for myself. Thank you, you are a very talented young woman.

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon and it is not safe to be on the west coast for much longer, so please seek the Lord and repent. He will then direct you on what to do and protect you. Bless you and your wonderful creations.

  21. Anonymous says:

    You’re awesome

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