5 Ingredient Apple Dessert

Hi Simply Bakers! I'm sharing with you a slightly healthy recipe because it has fruit. It is delicious and so simple to make, the 5 Ingredient Apple Dessert!   It requires very few … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Who's excited for Valentine's Day? I am! It's not just because this is the first year that we are celebrating the day as a married couple, but I am excited because this is my first time to share to … [Read more...]

Unbeatable Baking Tip on Bread Making

I just love baking, and eating bread, Simply Bakers! In making bread, you need to remember a very important step. So today, here's an Unbeatable Baking Tip on Bread Making!   … [Read more...]

A Glimpse of Our Wedding

After the proposal and all the pre-wedding plans, all that we had in mind to see on our "BIG" day are these three things: simplicity, nature and fun. Here's a glimpse of our wedding :) Upon finding … [Read more...]

2017 Money Matters

Almost all of us have experienced financial challenges just because we failed to set our financial goals annually, quarterly, or even monthly. When you have not prepared for a sudden change in your … [Read more...]