3D Gingerbread Cookies

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up?  Unfortunately, I've had those moments more than three times this week and it was all because of  this recipe 3D gingerbread cookies.  It took me at … [Read more...]

Chocolate Nutter Butters

Have you heard about Nutter Butters?  It's a sandwich cookie with a peanut butter filling with just enough peanut butter to satisfy your taste buds.  I had some extra Nutter Butters so instead of … [Read more...]

Mini Apple Pie Pops

Apple pie in any form is delicious, don't you agree?  Instead of making the usual apple pie, I thought making mini apple pie pops would be a better idea!  If you need a perfect pie crust click here to … [Read more...]

Sugar Leaf Cookies

Have you ever tried coloring rolled sugar cookies? The first time I tried was three days ago and I found it to be interesting.  Personally, I don't like getting my hands dirty when I bake, but I … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Mousse

I honestly do not like candy corn, however when I first made this I was very happy with the results!  Even though the mousse had the colors of candy corn it did not taste like it, it actually reminded … [Read more...]