Oreo Milkshake

Oreos are so delicious and, who ever invented these cookies are a genius!  Fun fact, did you know Oreo cookies are vegan??!  Enjoy this quick and easy recipe you can make in under five minutes!
oreo milkshake
Just looking at the picture makes me salivate!!

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Oreo Milkshake 3 ingredients ONLY

Oreo Milkshake
  • 10-15 oreos (or your choice of cookies**)
  • 1 pint of ice cream (2 cups)
  • ½ cup milk
  1. In a blender, place oreos and blend until crumbly. Add ice cream, milk and blend until well combined.
  2. Place into a cup and serve immediately.
**if you use different cookies, make sure the cookies is the same size as the oreos.


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