Red Velvet Cookies

Have you ever heard of Red Velvet Cookies?   Here’s a recipe that will knock your socks off!

Red Velvet CookiesHave you watched the video yet?

Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup softened butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon red food coloring
  • 1½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • ¼ cup cocoa powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ⅛ teaspoon salt
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, grease cookie sheet or use parchment paper or baking mat.
  2. In a large bowl add brown sugar and softened butter and mix until light and fluffy. Add egg, vanilla extract and mix. Next add red food coloring.
  3. In another bowl sift, all purpose flour, baking soda and salt. Mix and add to the wet ingredients.
  4. Shape dough to about 1½ to 2 inch balls.
  5. Bake for 12-14 minutes
If you want to drizzle white chocolate on the red velvet cookies, melt 10 oz of white chocolate


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  1. How many cookies does this recipe make?

  2. Also, if I make this at night will it get hard by the next day? (Afternoon)

  3. Can I bake some cookies today and leaves some dough for tomorrow to bake?

    • Hello Laniey, can you reply me please i know this comment it now but just please replay me. Maybe you dont even watch this comment any more

  4. Anonymous says:

    They tasted sooooooooooo good

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