Round Ups

I really enjoy organizing and planning and one of my New Year’s Goals is to be more organized.  I’ve tried so hard to maintain my during 2015 and unfortunately, I failed 300 of the 365 days of the year.  

I’m so embarrassed to share this, but this is one section of my studio. I had it like this for several  days. :/

messy room

However, I am so thankful for YouTube because watching these three Youtubers has inspired me to become more organized.

Do it on a Dime – She’s so awesome, I love her energy and she organizes using items from the dollar tree!  (share pictures of items I bought because of her)

Clean My Space – she does more of cleaning, which I honestly don’t do very well. haha. So watching her makes me feel like I can do it and plus she also shares how to organize using items that are a bit more expensive, but MORE durable.

At Home with Nikki – I love watching her videos because she shops at affordable stores and she does BEFORE & AFTER videos. One of my favorites to watch!

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