During Christmas time we all want to delight our family and friends with the best desserts. But what if we only have so little time and so much to do for our Christmas preparations? Well, Lainey to the rescue!! Here are my Top 5 Christmas Dessert recipes that are so quick and easy, and ONLY require  5 ingredients or less.

Top 5 Christmas Desserts 5 ing

1. Peppermint Oreo Cookies

Peppermint Oreo Crunch Cookies

This cookie has the perfect thickness and density that one cookie will fill you up, but you can never resist to have a second one. The unique combination of peppermint candy and oreo gives this cookie popularity during the holiday season.

2. Brownie Heart Bites

brownie heart bites

Look at these cute and delicious Brownie Heart Bites! So elegant to showcase on a dessert plate and yet so easy to make. You can bring your kids along in the kitchen and bond with them while preparing for your Christmas dessert!

3. Chocolate Candy

chocolate candy

A very tasty dessert using only 3 ingredients! By melting chocolates and placing them into a mold, and viola! You now have a decadent dessert to munch on during Christmas.

4. No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

no bake oreo cheesecake

A sweet and chocolate-y dessert everyone in your home will love. Well, who doesn’t want this duo, right? The creaminess of this dessert resembles the richness of Christmas and is very much an attraction to any Christmas table. And there’s a big plus to it, it’s NO BAKE!

5. Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies

chocolate chip cream cheese cookies

During Christmas, we spoil our sweet tooth with desserts of all kinds and this recipe should be on your list! A simple recipe, yet gives out yummy cookies that will disappear from your cookies plates in no time. Yes, adults would love these, too. Why not make a few dozen this Christmas? (PS. the image above is one of the first few pictures I took when I started SB.  I don’t want to change anything because I want to show you where I was in photography.)

Christmas Desserts 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS

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