Unbeatable Baking Tip on Bread Making

I just love baking, and eating bread, Simply Bakers! In making bread, you need to remember a very important step. So today, here’s an Unbeatable Baking Tip on Bread Making!



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  1. How does one “proof” yeast?

    • All you do is measure out the yeast and mix it with the water called for in the recipe. Yeast is happiest at about 75°-80°, so the water should feel barely warm or lukewarm to the touch. Add just a pinch of sugar to give the yeast something to munch on.

      Let the yeast and water sit for a few minutes. First, the water will dissolve the dry coating around the granules of yeast, releasing the active yeast inside. The active yeast will go to work on the sugar and a bubbly foam will start to form on the surface from the carbon dioxide being released. This foam is proof that the yeast is active, and once you see it, you can add the yeast to your bread dough.

      *disclaimer* here’s a link on how you can proof yeast. : http://www.thekitchn.com/baking-lessons-how-to-proof-ye-94555

  2. hey lainey do you have a flan recipe?

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