Ensaladang Talong

delicious and easy to make Ensaladang talong on a plate



How to Grill the eggplant:

Allow the eggplant cool and gently peel skin. Rinse under cold, running water to rid of any stray skin then proceed with recipe as directed.

  1. Remove the stem, then cut the eggplant into 3 or 4 inches, then slice open without cutting all the way through to  each of the pieces (see picture above) 
  2. Place the eggplant in a bowl, and add chopped tomatoes and white onions.
  3. Squeeze the lemon or the calimansi into the bowl making sure the seeds are not included, then add the coconut Liquid aminos or soy sauce and gently mix.  
  4. Finally, garnish with the green onions and serve.