Refreshing Mango Float

These are the Mango Float ingredients that you will need.

In a bowl, add nestle cream and condensed milk and using an electric mixer, mix very well.

Note it will not have the fluffy consistency as heavy cream but will taste just as good.

Add vanilla extract.

Add in the cinnamon powder.

Mix until well combined.

In a rectangular glass container,  place graham cracker on a preferable size of the container that it will fit the whole area, cut some to fit in the container. Then sprinkle with crushed graham cracker to fill in the gaps.

Pour around ¼ batter mixture or more and cover the whole graham cracker top.

Then put on mango strips 14-20 mango stips on either position.

Sprinkle crushed graham on top and repeat the first step by adding another layer of graham crackers.

This is the last layer of the mango float.

On the top portion, add the last remaining batter mixture and mango strips or you can use mango cubes. Sprinkle it with the crushed graham crackers and chill for at least 2 hours before serving

Look at those delicious, sweet layers!  Check the link for the full recipe.